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The Mystical Art of Bone Inlay: A New Understanding

The Mystical Art of Bone Inlay: A New Understanding

Bone inlay is an ancient art form that has been celebrated around the world. How did it come to be the timeless staple that it is today?

Finding the bone inlay origins in the majestic palaces of India, this decorative technique were once used to create intricate home pieces for the Maharaja. Various objects were built and adorned with bone shards and fragments, meticulously hand carved and inlaid onto a solid base to form different patterns and motifs that were fit to please royalty. These designs were then finished by adding a colorful resin to hold everything in place. From chairs to mirrors to drawers, each work was carefully done by hand, resulting in no two pieces looking exactly alike. This process required a painstaking process that could span on for weeks, but the distinctive charm and individuality that each item gave was well worth the wait.

Since then, the art form has made its way across the globe - traveling to Egypt, Asia, Africa, Europe, and more - taking on new influences and interpretations with every location and generation. In many cultures, the bone inlay technique was used to fashion ceremonial objects, which were seen as a symbol for status, power, and wealth. And because of its unique finish and undeniable longevity, it is still a beloved, sought-after style for modern-day design enthusiasts and furniture fans alike.

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Given the large population of camels in India, bone inlay mainly uses camel bone as its source material. One might wonder though, is this practice ethically sound? Following guidelines and practices of ethical treatment for animals, bone inlay only uses camel bones sourced from deceased animals that have died due to natural causes. These materials are then certified by local authorities before production to guarantee its sustainable source. It’s a win-win environmental concept, as what we regard as “waste” is eventually transformed into luxury, through the creativity and resourcefulness of skilled craftsmen.

Throughout the years, artisans have also expanded their resource materials to include various woods, metals, colored stones, shells, and even mother of pearl as alternatives. There’s no need to feel guilty when you buy these beautiful creations!

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 What is the beauty of handcrafted bone inlay furniture today? These are timeless testaments to the history and cultural identity of those that have crafted them. Transformed by different family artistries and inspired by diverse backgrounds and talents, the enduring and ever-evolving art of bone inlay will continue to be more beautiful in the next years to come.

Our own take on this house signature expands to beautiful geometric, floral, and bird motifs, each design set against an array of vibrant color combinations that can complement just about any homeowner’s taste and preference. Excited about owning a piece of tradition for yourself? Discover our bone inlay furniture by visiting our website to check out the latest homeware collections. Better yet, drop by our showroom and see our sustainably stylish items for yourself! s

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