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Orders & returns

We will take you along on the journey of creation! ipse ipsa ipsum will communicate with you throughout the order, manufacturing and delivery process via email. You will be informed at the following:

1. When you place your order.
2. When your order has been allocated to an artisan for making.
3. When your item is being customised and material is being selected.
4. When your order is leaving our arts & crafts centre in India
5. When your order arrives in your country



1. Payment

1.1 For in-stock and sales items, full payment is required.
1.2 For indent orders, a non-refundable deposit of 70% is required before the order is processed. The remaining balance must be paid (cheque must be cleared) at least 2 working days prior to delivery. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the scheduled delivery.
1.3 Sam & Sara Holdings Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to refuse delivery if payment is not made in full.
1.4 Ownership of a product remains vested with Sam & Sara Holdings Pte. Ltd. until full payment (including GST and any ancillary charges) is made.

2. Orders

2.1 The buyer has the responsibility to ensure all made to order and customised items are what they are after. We do not offer a refund for made to order and customised items due to change of mind. Changes or alterations to an order are not permitted once the custom form is approved by the customer.
2.2 If any changes or alterations to an order are accepted, any price difference will be dealt with by way of a credit note with a validity of 6 months and date of delivery calculated from new altered date.
2.3 Unless otherwise agreed herein, cancellation of an order is not permissible upon receiving the deposit or full payment.
2.4 Where cancellation of an order is accepted, a credit note with a validity of 6 months will be issued for any payment made.
2.5 Customers are required to carefully inspect their item/s and give an approval in store before we send it for delivery. We will not deliver items without customer inspection.

3. Delivery

3.1 Delivery Timelines : Orders taken in store or online in Singapore are usually delivered in a 12 - 16 week timeframe. Once orders have been confirmed, custom order signed & paid for then the order goes into production which requires additional 10-12 week for making. A further week is required for custom clearance in Singapore (this can take longer due to circumstances beyond our control) and final delivery. Please be aware of these timeframes when placing your order.
3.2 For indent items, the lead time is normally 3 - 4 months. Delays may occasionally occur due to unforeseen circumstances and customers remain liable for the full payment of the goods ordered.
3.3 Customers are required to carefully see and be satisfied with their item/s and give an approval in store before we send it for delivery. We will not deliver items without customer inspection & approval. Upon delivery if you are not satisfied with the piece in your location, additional delivery charges will be applicable for return, restocking & repairs.
3.4 Customer's supervision is advised during delivery as Sam & Sara Holdings Pte. Ltd. is not responsible for any damage caused to their property/premises.
3.5 Customers must ensure that there is adequate and safe access/entry to their premises and are advised to protect any valuable items prior to delivery. Any additional cost incurred for effecting the delivery must be paid by the customer immediately. For Delivery to locations without lift landing (i.e. stairs climbing), an additional charge of $50 per floor will be incurred.
3.6 Upon signing the packing slip, the delivered product is deemed to be received in perfect condition by the customer.
3.7 Deliveries are available twice a week 12 - 7 pm. (usually Mondays & Fridays or as advised by the sales team)
3.8 Any changes to the delivery date must be made 48 hours before the agreed delivery date and time to avoid additional charges.
3.9 Delivery Address: Please provide SAM & SARA with a delivery address where deliveries can be made during normal business hours from Monday and Friday. A post office box address cannot be accepted.

4. Ancillary Charges

4.1 For locations without lift landing (i.e. stairs climbing), an additional charge of $50 per floor will be incurred.
4.2 For any wall drilling during installation, charges will be incurred and will be advised accordingly by the logistics team.
4.3 For disposal of old items, charges will be incurred and will be advised accordingly by the logistics team.

5. Natural Materials & Handcrafted items

Handcrafted items & Natural stones/hides/leather/bone, as the name implies, are the products of nature. Any variations in texture, colour, veining and pattern cannot be avoided and must be accepted. These differences and disparities are part of what makes the material beautiful, and they should not be considered flaws.
Purchasing our products implies that you acknowledge the handcrafted and natural materials vary in pattern, texture and colour. The actual material delivered may differ from the samples selected at the time of purchase or images shown via email/Whatsapp during manufacturing.
All product images and pictures shared with you during your furniture selection process are put in place to give you a general idea about the colour and veining variations in the stone and/or product. The following misconceptions may sometimes occur:
5.1. Due to changes in lighting, a product may appear to be different in pictures than it does in real life.
5.2. Computer monitors will sometimes interpret colours differently.
We are always working to improve our pictures to make them as best as possible. Due to the difficulty of capturing all the details and finishes available in our sizeable collection of products, we seek your acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions when purchasing our items with natural products.
Sam and Sara Holdings Pte Ltd shall not refund either in full or in partial the paid deposit or exchange for other products upon receiving full payment or deposit.
Any variations in form, finish & colour is inherent beauty of hand craftsmanship.
Antique Brass Finish - the finish is antiqued by hand and the metal is handmade by artisans mainly working with hand.


1. Marble
o As our marble stones are natural; non-man made, there is no control over the outcome of the marble pattern/vein/grain/spot and other visual variation.
o Therefore none of our marble pieces will bear the same pattern/vein/grain/spot for any of our marble products.
o This includes our samples at the store, we will not be able to match/copy or for you to request any specific marble pattern/vein/grain/spot.

2. Quartz / Agate and other Semi - Precious Stones

o These are natural semi precious stones, they come as beautiful individual pieces and not as a slab.
o Therefore each stone is unique to itself and will come in a variation of hues.
o It is a natural variation that some of the stones are more translucent than other stones.
o Agates may come in a variation of shapes and hues that might not resemble the sample seen at the store as each stone is unique.
o We will not be able to request any specific range or type of agate (darker / lighter / smaller / bigger)


o All our metal products are plated and sealed by hand.
o Specific finish choices like Champagne Gold or Burnished Brass will have light variation in hues as it is plated by hand for each batch of items.
o These finished are then coated with a clear lacquer to provide protection.
o Avoid all abrasive, aggressive and corrosive chemicals while cleaning your products to avoid damaging and exposing the material to corrosion and tarnish.
o These includes products like brass, window cleaners or glass cleaners or any chemical scrub.
o Avoid cleaning with abrasive cleaning materials (rough sponges or pads).


o All our leather and hide are genuine, dyed to specific colour choices that we offer.
o Larger products will likely come with natural spots / veins / stains and as well as the spine stretch.
o These are natural factors that come with the material and we have no control over how much of these factors appear in each leather or hide selected.
o All of our leather / hides are dyed by hand, each batch of these materials may vary in hue during the process.
o Black and white spotted hides, will always have a variation of spots (or size of spots).
o There will be no 2 hides that are identical.

6. Exchange Policy (in-stock items)

6.1 Request for product exchange will be considered on a case by case basis. Outdoor furniture will not be valid for exchange. All goods are non-refundable.
6.2 Such request must be made within 24 hours of accepting delivery.
6.3 Our exchange policy is applicable to in-stock items only and does not apply to indent ordered items.
6.4 Display and discontinued items are sold on an as-is basis and are non exchangeable. Customers have the responsibility to check the display item before purchase and are deemed to have accepted this basis upon payment.

7.Restocking Fee

7.1 In the event of any Customer Returns, ipse ipsa ipsum or Sam & Sara, will charge 20% of the item/s price to the customer as a restocking fee.

8. Loan of Items

8.1 Customer will be charged an admin fee of $150 and or a minimum 30% of the item/s original price.
8.2 Delivery of Loan Furniture is charged $100 - $500 depending on the number of items.
8.3 Any incurred damage or defects found on the loaned furniture will require the customer to pay the full amount of the product's.

9. Storage

9.1 Unless otherwise agreed, any purchased item will be stored free of charge for a period of 7 days only, starting from the date of purchase (for in stock items) and 30 days for preorders.
9.2 A storage charge equivalent equivalent to $350 or 2.5% of the product price (whichever is higher) will be incurred thereafter for each calendar month or part thereof until such time the customer has accepted the delivery of the product.
9.3 Where a storage charge is applicable, it is payable on the first day of the month and is non-refundable should the customer decides to take delivery earlier than scheduled.
9.4 Any Items thats charged for storage will not be delivered or collected until full payment has been done.

10. Return of orders

10.1 Life's too short not to be happy... and if you're not happy with your purchase -- then we're not happy! However, that being said -- we're a business, supporting small artisans, and small batch production - so please respect our need to have a restricted return policy.

We are unable to accommodate Returns for all items. Please note that the following items are not eligible:
o Products described as "Made to Order"
o Customised items
o Items marked as "Final Sale", "Final Markdown" or any form of Clearance Sale,
o Studio Displays
o All leather furniture / Bone Inlays / Customised Stone Items

10.2 Request for Return of Custom Orders will be considered on a case by case basis.
10.3 If the request has been approved, the items are supposed to be in the same condition to when it was delivered.
10.4 In the event of a return of a custom order, we will issue a credit note to you which is valid for 6 months upon return of item.
10.5 Delivery Chargers & Restocking fee needed for the return of item/s would have to be paid by the customer.
10.6 We will not refund a product that you have bought and received where, in our reasonable opinion, the product has: become of unacceptable quality due to fair wear and tear; misuse; using it in an abnormal way; or failure to take reasonable care.

For International Shipping ( outside Singapore ) :

International orders may be subject to import duties and taxes on receipt of the package in the destination country. The customer is responsible for any customs charges that may be applied to the shipment. Unfortunately, ipse ipsa ipsum has no control over these charges. Customs determines these charges and ipse ipsa ipsum has no way of knowing what these charges may be. ipse ipsa ipsum is not responsible for any actions taken by customs or the chosen package delivery service.

Order Cancellations / Returns :

The buyer has the responsibility to ensure all made to order and customised items are what they are after. We wish to ensure that the artisans are also given their fair pay for the work they do.

In the event you do have a change or heart and you change your mind, after the order has been allocated to an artisan, we will have to deduct a 20% fee. If the order is cancelled midway, before it leaves the production facility, a 70% fee will be applicable.

Images of the piece will be shared with you throughout the making process to avoid any disappointments. However, in the event you are not happy with the order after delivery, please contact us on so we can assist you.

For international orders, we are unable to offer returns due to shipping, cutom duties etc involved.

For local delivery in Singapore : ipse ipsa ipsum will accept returns within a 7 day period , on defective or damaged merchandise however, a 20% restocking fee will be applied for returned merchandise deemed not defective. Initial delivery charges are not refundable. Please note that the following items are not eligible:
oProducts described as "Made to Order",
oCustomised items
oItems marked as Clearance or any form of Display Items

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