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Social Impact


As a home furnishings brand, we believe in inspiring a lifestyle less ordinary for our customers. Our name reflects a tapestry of individuals, artisans and designers who collaborate across various disciplines to create individualised pieces that transform ordinary living spaces into extraordinary places. 

We endeavour to produce enduring pieces that our customers can enjoy for a long time to come. Designed to last, we ensure that each piece that we produce is functional and has timeless appeal.


As a company, we are mindful of the materials we use, the processes and techniques we engage in from start to finish. 

 We work with natural materials such as khadi cotton, natural stones, brass, and recycled bone.Our textiles are processed with non-toxic vegetable dyes, while our base materials are in stainless steel - an inherently sustainable material, which can be recycled an infinite number of times. Produced in limited quantities, each item is handcrafted and numbered to 
ensure its quality and traceability.


Through our relationships with our community of craftsmen in India, we are proud to help preserve time-honoured traditions and skills that have been passed down through generation in every piece of craft we make. By working closely with our craftsmen, we are providing meaningful income opportunities for individuals, families and communities.

 At ipse ipsa ipsum, we celebrate the people behind the brand, the unique materials we present, the craftsmanship we provide and strive to improve the impact we bring to our communities and our environment. 

 Ipse Ipsa Ipsum 
 For individuals, families and communities 
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