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Social Impact - ipse ipsa ipsum


EACH PRODUCT IS HANDCRAFTED AND MADE BY AN ARTISANThrough our relationships with our community of craftsmen in India, we areproud to help preserve time-honoured traditions and skills that have been passeddown through generations in every piece of craft we make.By working closely with our artisans, we are providing meaningful incomeopportunities for individuals, their families and the communities. 


IT’S NOT ABOUT QUANTITY BUT QUALITY AND LONGEVITYOur design collaborators are liberated from designing for mass manufacturingand consumption. We focus on producing enduring, good quality piecesthat our customers can enjoy for a long time to come.Built to last, we ensure that every piece of furnishing or accessory we createis well-thought through, functional and has timeless appeal.


RESPONSIBILITY IS A VALUE WE STRIVE TO ADHERE TOWe are mindful of the materials and resources we use, the processes andtechniques we engage in. We work with natural materials such as khadi cotton,stones and recycled bone from naturally deceased animals. Our textiles areprocessed with non-toxic vegetable dyes, while our base materials are inbrass or stainless steel which can be recycled and reused.


ELEVATING LIFESTYLES WITHOUT INCREASING COSTOur aim is to elevate the lifestyle of each customer by offering sensibly priced,fine quality, semi-luxurious handcrafted, individualised pieces that transformordinary living spaces into extraordinary places.We achieve this by investing in business process innovation – ensuring ourmanufacturing approach and supply chain logistics is sustainably managed andoptimised to provide a competitive advantage for customers.


WE ARE BORN DIFFERENT. EACH PIECE IS UNIQUE TO YOUAs a result, no two pieces are alike. With our curated selection of materials,colour palettes and finishes to choose from, ipse ipsa ipsum offers on-demandaffordable customisable handmade options to reflectthe personality of the individual. 

Can’t find one that fits your needs? Speak to us to personalise your design andexperience our made-to order options
Social Impact - ipse ipsa ipsum
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