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Things to know about Marble, Quartz, Agate and Semi-Precious Stones.

As our marble / stones are natural; non-man made, there is no control over the outcome of the marble pattern/vein/grain/spot and other visual variation. Hence, none of our marble pieces will bear the same pattern/vein/grain/spot for any of our marble products.
These are natural semi-precious stones, they come as beautiful individual pieces and not as a slab. Therefore, each stone is unique to itself and will come in a variation of hues. It is a natural variation that some of the stones are more translucent than other stones.

Care for your stone pieces:
oClean up spills immediately (food/beverages/cosmetics).
oSimply clean with warm water and with or without mild soap.
oUse coasters and placemats when placing hot items (food/beverages) to prevent any damage to your stone.
oUse of acidic/corrosive/abrasive cleaners on stone surfaces for cleaning will result in damage.

Things to know about Metal finishes :
The main underlying metal in most of our products in Stainless Steel. However, all our metal products are plated and sealed by hand. These finished are then coated with a clear lacquer to provide protection. Specific finish choices like Antique Brass, or Burnished Brass will have light variation in hues as it is plated by hand for each batch of items.

Care for your ipse ipsa ipsum metal surfaces / pieces:
oWipe dry with a smooth cloth material and keep dry.
oUse only gentle cleansers (mild soap or metal based conditioners or polishers).
oTo maintain the shine on the item, use a fine or gentle wax after cleaning or wiping it dry.
oAvoid all abrasive, aggressive and corrosive chemicals while cleaning your products to avoid damaging and exposing the material to corrosion and tarnish. These includes products like brass, window cleaners or glass cleaners or any chemical scrub.
oAvoid cleaning with abrasive cleaning materials (rough sponges or pads).

Things to know about Leather & Hide materials :
All our leather and hide are genuine, dyed to specific colour choices that we offer. Larger products will likely come with natural spots / veins / stains and as well as the spine stretch. These are natural factors that come with the material and we have no control over how much of these factors appear in each leather or hide selected.
All of our leather / hides are dyed by hand, each batch of these materials may vary in hue during the process. Black and white spotted hides, will always have a variation of spots (or size of spots). There will be no 2 hides that are identical.

Care for your ipse ipsa ipsum leather or hide pieces:
oAvoid all abrasive cleaning products to prevent staining or discolouring your leather.
oUse leather conditioners to hydrate and moisturise your leather, keeping it mild shiny and to prevent your leather from breaking.
oClean spills immediately to avoid stains.
oUse a soft brush to gently brush away any dirt built up on the hide.
oTo clean stains on your hide, have 2 bowls of warm water. Add mild soap to one of the bowl and use the other one for rinsing.
oUse a smooth non-abrasive cloth material and dip it into the bowl with soap and gentle rub over the stain.
oProceed with a new clean cloth and dip into the clean warm water and now rinse the soap on the hide away gently.
oWhen your stain spot is clean and dry, use the leather conditioner (for hide) and proceed with a clean cloth to condition it.

Things to know about age old craft of bone inlay :
Bone inlay is an age old technique that involves embedding delicate, hand-carved pieces of bone into the surface of an object. Handcrafted from start to finish by artisans who have learnt techniques passed down through generations, no two pieces of bone inlay furniture are the same. Regardless of the size or inlay pattern, these furnishings take a minimum of three weeks to produce and require remarkable levels of patience, neatness, artistry and expertise. Each bone chip is individually cut and shaped or pigmented. The carved bone pieces are then surrounded by contrasting resin for an immaculately smooth finish..

oGiven the porosity and different densities in bone, each chip may absorb colour differently.
oA pattern may have to be altered and scaled according to the piece. When ordering a custom size, please be mindful of the changes to the style, design edges and patterns.
oBone chips are set in resin/epoxy to create the even surface. The resin when coloured can have slight discolouration and drying marks.
oThere may be shade differences in epoxy as it done in a sustainable and artisanal fashion of colour mixing and sun drying the piece. The warmer the temperature of curing epoxy, the faster it cures. However, lesser the sun light, the longer it may take !

Care for your ipse ipsa ipsum bone inlay pieces:
oClean occasionally, as needed, with a dry tissue or dry soft cloth.
oProper maintenance and caring for your bone inlay would make it a precious asset for generations.
oGentle cleaning is all it takes : There is no rocket science about it, you must be aware that modern cleaners have harmful chemicals and toxic bleaching agents that act badly on organic bases like bone inlay furniture. The delicate pieces of artistry require mild and gentle cleaning.
oRather you should not use any other furniture cleaners, paints or polishes.

Things to know mother of pearl inlay :
Mother of pearl is made from the inner lining of different mollusk shells, pearl oysters, freshwater pearl mussels and abalone. The iridescent inner lining of the mollusk, called nacre, provides protection from parasites and bacteria. They create this inner lining in the same way they create pearls. It is a layered combination of calcium carbonate crystals, silk proteins and other materials. The layers are what produce the different wavelengths of light that cause the colours to change when viewed at different angles.

Care for your ipse ipsa ipsum Mother of Pearl inlay pieces:
oAlthough Mother of Pearl is an affordable jewelry option, proper care is still required to protect your piece. To do this you must keep it away from direct sunlight, strong sources of heat or very dry atmospheres.
oIf the Mother of Pearl becomes dry, the surfaces will crack and become less resistant to wear and tear.
oIt is best not to clean the mother of pearl with harsh cleaners, strong abrasives or alcohol as they will destroy the original colour.

Care for your ipse ipsa ipsum horn inlay pieces:
oTake care to protect it from harsh elements and not to drop it or sit or step on it.
oThe horn needs to be conditioned, and should be oiled to protect it with jojoba oil, coconut oil or some other organic care products.
oOrganic horn should never be left in water or direct sunlight (like the bathroom sink or the dashboard of your car).
oDo not soak in water, oil or any other liquid.

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