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ipse Green at Find Asia 2023 in Singapore

ipse Green at Find Asia 2023 in Singapore

Introduction of IPSE GREEN at Find Asia 2023 in Singapore

As the world continues to go through the motions of innovation and modernity, the sustainability of the planet is often challenged. Every year, tons of waste are left behind due to irresponsible human practices and activities. As such, occurrences of burning rice fields, landfill wastes, and deforestation take place at an alarming rate -- a vicious cycle that would only worsen with time. How do we combat this today?

ipse green at find asia 2023 in Singapore

In comes ipse ipsa ipsum Green who aims to Reimagine, Reclaim, and Rebuild this waste into wonder. As the green solutions-based arm of the luxury handcrafted furniture brand, ipse Green takes on the single-minded mission and passion to champion the environment through responsible recycling practices that close the gap between pollution and solution. Ipse Green primarily does this by transforming discarded materials into meaningful solutions for various hospitality and commercial spaces. Some of its inspiring sustainable creations include rice husk reimagined into partition walls beeing termite proof, low-value plastics turned into heavy-duty lumber and millwork boards, and reclaimed doors and windows finding second life in flooring and decking. Each new material is an incredible testament to creativity and technology, powered by the brand’s genuine care and concern for the environment.

Plastic Recycled Boards

ipse Green is also an early adopter of the technology used in the production of Plastic Recycled Boards, which converts single-use plastics (SUP), multi-layer plastics (MLP), and other low-value non-recyclable components into heavy duty sheets. These sheets can then be cut for various purposes such as flooring and lumber. This product is a direct replacement to particle boards, MDF, and plyboards, which help minimize the amount of plastics being sent to landfills in the process.

Custom Designed Flooring and Decking

Still another breakthrough product is custom-designed flooring and decking crafted from recycled teak, reclaimed by hand from doors and windows of demolished houses. This practice presents an equally durable and authentic high-quality hardwood alternative source, allowing diminished woodlands to replenish and recover by lowering the demand for more trees to be cut. These are just the beginnings of ipse Green's promising journey into eco-friendly manufacturing. Each standout solution is an incredible testament to the creativity of the craftsman, powered by the brand’s genuine care and concern for the environment. Not only does ipse Green protect from further damaging the environment -- it also brings numerous opportunities for livelihood among its talented community.

Want to learn more about this wonderful initiative?

These zero-waste, custom designs will be showcased at the Find Design Fair Asia, a gathering of the regional architecture and design community to draw inspiration and craft creative solutions in response to the world’s needs. Through contemporary design and innovation, this event hopes to become the definitive link and meeting place for like-minded individuals in the industry.

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