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gray floral bone inlay headboard and bedside table

12 Unique Bone Inlay Furniture Designs that Elevates your Home

Bone Inlay furniture creates a striking combination of color, design, and one-of-a-kind texture to any space in your home. These traditional handicraft pieces often come in the form a table or cabinet, but actually comes in so many other forms. Check out this list of extraordinary bone inlay furniture ideas to see all the amazing ways you can add beautiful bone inlay to your home.

12 Modern takes on Bone Inlay Furniture

1. Armenian Round Side Table

a set of nature themed multi-colored bone inlay side tables

Using our unique Peranakan inspired Inlay design, even a modest side table brings rich colour to your living spaces. Available in 3 bone inlay colours and metal finishings. 

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2. Peranakan Swivel Floor Mirror

a white bone inlay full length swivel floor mirror

This floor mirror features a full body length of our Peranakan inspired inlay. Flip for the mirror to check out your whole body, and flip back to the gorgeous inlay to brighten up any room. 

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3. Biophilia SideBoard

a white bone inlay full length swivel floor mirror

Impress your guests by placing this lush green centrepiece in your foyer or dining room to invite them in. A unique dyeing process is used for these bone inlay pieces to get it's deep green hue. 

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4. Duxton Round Dining Table

a black and white classic bone inlay round dining table

One of the more traditional table designs. A fundamental piece that completes my he dining room for many families. This piece comes in 4 floral bone inlay designs. 

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5. Bamboo bone TV Console

a white bone inlay tv console with bamboo theme

This console takes an unconventional twist on inlay styles. Bone pieces are shaped into bamboo internodes, topped off with woven rattan, and finished with golden brass edges. Tropical, yet Refined.

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6. Joo Chiat Headboard

triple coloured hexagonal bone inlay headboard

Brighten up your bedroom with this striking Joo Chiat inlay pattern, a wonderful Peranakan inspired colour palette. The size of this headboard can be customized for your bed size.

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7. Nymeria Coffee Table

floral red and white bone inlay coffee table

An absolutely stunning lattice of bone inlay pieces but with a vibrant twist. This piece comes in many different colours, allowing you to combine a classic design with a modern flair to your home. 

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8. Peranakan Chest of Drawers

multi-colored peranakan inspired bone inlay furniture

Coming in multi-coloured or black and white styles, this furniture piece is a more traditional take on bonelay furniture. Our intricate Inlay design features birds, flowers and plant species unique to the Straits.

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9. Stellar Dining Table

white and black bone inlay table used in crazy rich asians

Did you know that this furniture piece was used on Crazy Rich Asians? Now you get the chance to own an actual piece of posh luxury from Astrid Leong's apartment. Choose between multiple Inlay patterns, Marble, and more.

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10. Elizabeth Vanity Table

pink mother of pearl inlay vanity table

Another wonderful Mother of Pearl inlay piece with a more romantic flair. An elegant storage solution in a powder room or living space. Comes in both White and Pink Inlay designs. 

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11. Sonic Console

mother of pearl inlay stylish console table

An absolute show-stopper mother of pearl console that is bound to turn heads. This artistic piece is loud, yet timeless. A great addition for those who would like a front-and-centre star in their home decor.

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12. Duxton Sideboard

fish-scale white and gray bone inlay sideboard

This sideboard features sophisticated fish-scale Inlay design that comes in multiple colours. It has grey lined suede fabric and push-pull doors, making it as luxurious and functional as it looks.

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Final Thoughts

Bone inlay furniture is often seen as traditional and rustic. But with the right vision, it can also be the sophisticated, modern piece that compliments present-day needs for contemporary design. It's the perfect marriage between culture, craftsmanship, and aesthetics for the modern living space.

Inspired, but don't see a piece that you're looking for? Get in touch with us. We'll help work on a piece that will realize your artistic vision for your dream home design.

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