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Straits Smoky Quartz Headboard

Original price $3,500 - Original price $3,500
Original price
$3,500 - $3,500
Current price $3,500
Size: 198 L: 6 W : 159 H (CM)
Material: Bone Inlay
Metal Finish: Polished Steel

Description :
Having sufficient good quality sleep is important to our health. However, stressful urban lifestyles and digital habits have led to sleep deficiency for many people. Straits Bedhead was designed to help people sleep better by incorporating the natural healing properties of Smoky Quartz.A powerful cleanser and detoxifier, Smoky Quartz is a must-have element for Feng Shui, to create harmony and balance in the home.Smoky Quartz is believed to bring emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety, and promotes positive thoughts and actions.

Delivery :
Usual delivery time 12 - 16 weeks globally; contact us for immediate stock availability in Singapore.

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