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The Nathan Yong Collection

Yong's work tempers the visual memory of everyday life with pared down restraint.

Eschewing superfluity, he captures the poetry of products through rigorous research and engineering in his effort to emphasize freshness and functionality.

Through his designs, Yong hopes to evoke wonder elicited by the stories told by the materials and mechanisms play.

With complementary visions which rope in materiality to conjure wonder, Yong and ipse ipsa ipsum are the perfect partners for this first co-creation. One of the hallmarks of the Nathan Yong Collection is the variety of options that customers have to personalise individual pieces.

The plethora of available options is made possible only through the brand’s close working relationship with generations of craftsmen, as traditional Indian craftsmanship forms the framework of ipse ipsa ipsum.

With this collection, Yong hopes to enrich each piece with a sense of history, be it through production methods, materials, or aesthetic features. In particular, he wishes to capture the awe-striking grandeur of relics and classical architecture, and bring it into the modern home.

The collection features materials found in India such as green marble and cut glass which are, in Yong’s hands, shaped for relevancy in urban landscapes, while never compromising the highest level of craft.

Inspired by the past with an eye on the future, ipse ipsa ipsum's first artist  collaboration invokes the old world to evoke the new.


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