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Straits Collection

The Straits Collection pays tribute to Singapore's bicentennial year by celebrating the city's modernisation.The collection is a collaboration between Saurabh Mangla, Founder and creative Head of Ipse Ipsa Ipsum and Jeremy Sun, Design Director of Orcadesign.

In a society where homogeneity is the order of life, conforming to society norm quite frankly leads to the elimination of individuality.

At ipse ipsa ipsum, we celebrate living a life less ordinary because we believe you should live life on your own terms. Combining a high level of craftsmanship with unique materials, we offer an array of customisable functions to enliven your living space in a myriad of ways.

Looking for Singaporean originality, they delved into the rich multicultural heritage of Singapore and explored the city's modernity to develop an aesthetic that is uniquely Singaporean. The result is a metamorphosed furniture design inspired by Singapore's heritage which aspires to disrupt the uniformity of urban life.

"As modern life become increasingly homogenous, new authenticity is what I am looking for," says Mr. Saurabh Mangla, Founder and Creative Head, ipse ipsa ipsum.


As creators and curators, our mantra is to preserve tradition and inspire a lifestyle less ordinary.

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