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Metal Hand Forging

Hand forging involves using a hammer and a dolly to create new art forms. Various machines have been  created to speed up this work.

However, at ipse ipsa ipsum, we celebrate our craftsmen and their techniques and prefer to do it in the old ways respecting the authenticity of the craft.

Metal Welding / Soldering

Several soldering and welding techniques are used in hand crafting process.

We always say that the structure should be made like a Mercedes and the body should be shaped like a Ferrari.

Metal Turning (Lathe)

Metal turning technique is the removal of the metal from the outer diameter of a rotating cylindrical workpiece.

Our craftsmen also double up as tool and pattern makers for future development

Metal Bending / Sword Making

Sword makers are specialised craftsmen. We evaluate the material based on hardness , strength , flexibility and balance .

Then we anneal the metal to hand forge the frames of the pieces. Traditionally from sword making families, they now practise their art form on chairs and table frames to bring a unique design language at ipse ipsa ipsum


ipse ipsa ipsum's design philosophy is seeped in mixed media. Our fitting and kitting team plays on integral role of bringing materials and components together, sometimes from thousands of miles away,  to create a unique ‘design language’ which emerges from our hand crafted pieces.

Hand Antiquing and Lacquering

This is an exclusive process which is developed by ipse ipsa ipsum. We handrub the brass surface so that you get a soft and antique look. This gives the brass surface a subtle worn out look which is treasured by some of our customers


Electric current is used in a bath to coat a layer of surface on another material. This adds durability onto the surface which lacks the property.

ipse ipsa ipsum's electroplating section is full of talented craftsmen  who have been with us for a long time. It is created with State of the art sustainable methods and is considered as a ‘jewellery piece’ of the arts and crafts centre.

Metal Chasing (Brass Cladding)

Chasing is a technique of working sheets of soft metal brass, copper, silver by pushing the surface inward, typically over a hard surface to create a formed design.

This kind of work was popular to make thrones and state chairs specially during Akbar’s reign in India. Relief work is created with European influences fused with Indian artistry.

Hammering of Brass

The craftsman carefully textures brass sheets using a rock pick hammer. The unique patterns formed contrast the clean and uniform aesthetic of metal which grant it a depth of character.

The modern society where uniformity is pervasive, does the furniture you own reflect your unique character?

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