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Learn about our materials


Marble is a classic and timeless material that has been around for centuries, used tastefully to accentuate interior furnishings and exude a touch of glamour and status.Natural stone is the preferred choice for materials that are durable and can survive a lot of weight.

Marble is scratch-free and does not age quickly and because of its majestic and exquisite pattern, it inevitably transcends any living space with a sense of prosperity and longevity.

Semi-precious stones

Integrate semi-precious stones into the home for a touch of sophistication.With a luxury status thanks to their exotic and rare nature, their irregularity and imperfections are what makes each piece entirely unique.

It is used sparingly, from tabletops to accents on furniture pieces and are sourced from all around the world; Lapis ­Lazuli from Afghanistan, Malachite from Congo, Amethyst from Africa, Green Fluorite from Mexico, Pyrite from Peru, Agateand Quartzfrom ­India.

Bone Inlay

Ethically-sourced from India, handcrafted furniture with bone pieces intricately inlaid, is one of Ipse’s signature technique and materials used - to create striking patterns - often floral or geometric, with contrasting colours and materials. Handcrafted from start to finish, bone inlay furniture are ornate and eye-catching, making them coveted home décor pieces.

Our master craftsmen with seven generations of bone inlay craftsmanship , trace their lineage to the armoury of Humayun.


Leather adds a level of distinction to any room, is synonymous with reliability and creates a finished product of undisputable quality.It gives the furniture a well-defined personality and the strength to resist the passage of time.

Leather also appeals to the senses and over time and wear becomes more beautiful with age. Our leather comes from Columbia and India and our craftsmen have hand-stitching and braiding techniques using saddle leather, hides and sides.

Metal Finishes

From appliances and accessories to furniture and light fixtures, metal can be found anywhere in your home. Mixing metals with stones, wood or leather can add versatility and style to any room. Those who favour more contemporary designs should use stainless steels, whilst those who want to create a truly vintage space should opt for chrome fixtures or polished copper.

For Tuscan and country home styles, brass is a classic choice. Ultimately the finish you choose should fit in well with the style you’re trying to emulate.

Wood - Reclaimed Teak

Reclaimed teak is an exceptionally durable, weathered material so teak furniture tends to last a lifetime. Teak wood is notably hard-wearing and is full of rich natural oils which makes it resistant to termites and pests. It is weatherproof even in exposed locations and is sustainable because it is recycled from old wooden structures.

Teak is in abundance these days because new houses are built from metal to protect against earthquake damage. Hence with a plentiful supply of high-quality wood, we can recycle teak into beautiful rustic furniture with timeless appeal.

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