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Our new trade program, exclusively for designers.

We are looking for like-minded professionals to be part of our new trade program.

Who is a Change-Maker?

A Change-Maker...

-  Sees the perfection in human imperfection.

-  Believes in fostering a sustainable relationship between craftsmen and creatives.

-  Believes in preserving traditional craftsmanship, passed  down through generations.

-  Looks for the tasteful balance between function and style, products designed with warmth.


- Choose from our material library to customize pieces to your taste.

- Opportunity to become a designer in residence in our arts and crafts centre.

- Preview our new launches and hear about our designer

- Special passes to our local events in Singapore

Get in touch to learn more or click the sign-up link below.    |    +65 9271 7176

Link for sign:

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