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Artisans : Often Forgotten

The real heroes behind every one of our pieces are the artisans.

Traditional techniques such as hand etching, nickel plating,hand hammering, swordmaking and ironmongery are rekindled to produce fine, innovative products.

Glass mouth-blown into ornate shapes, leather immaculately stitched by hand, sand casting and wax moulding molten metal, our artisans work with the unique characteristics of each material,transforming every creation into works of art.

No two pieces of furniture are perfectly identical, with variations in tone and details, which is precisely what makes handcrafted pieces distinctive and extraordinary.

Meet them here and get to know some of them and their stories.


Aftab is known as one of the most hardworking and successful leather artisans in the ipse ipsa ipsum Arts and Crafts Centre with over 19 years of experience. He has three children together with his wife Tabassum Khatoon. Their oldest daughter Sabar is currently ranked 3rd in her class.


Cutting and finishing Marble blocks is an art form. Our contemporary marble pieces are proudly made by our master marble craftsman - Parveen. Parveen loves to work with marble blocks and draws satisfaction from the flawlessly shining stone surfaces - he is an artist.


Semi-precious stone aren’t easy to work with, it is a fine craftsmanship of painstakingly selecting the roughs, inlaying them and then mirror polishing the giant slabs which requires a lot of skill and also an eye for perfection. Deepak is one of our most skillful wood finishing artisan in the ipse ipsa ipsum Arts and Crafts Centre and has been creating captivating semi precious gem stone pieces for 4 years. 


Rahul supports his mother, wife and his two – daughter Bhavna and son Arjun. Rahul is an artisan for ipse ipsa ipsum and he impresses us with his pipe cutting skills and also his hard work. Rahul dreams to own his house someday.

Riyasat Hussein

Riyasat Hussein is our precision drilling and metal fitting craftsman - he has been doing this for almost 10 years now, making him an expert. He is proud of his skills and he is also a hard worker supporting his family and has built himself a lovely house..


Working with metal requires a lot of precision and skill - it is also not an easy material to work with. Khurshid is our master metal craftsman, he has been impressing us with his welding skills for almost 8 years now. Khurshid enjoys his craft and gets inspiration from his parents, wife and 5 children - which he supports on his own.

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