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What is Bone Inlay?

What is Bone Inlay?

Bone Inlay is a traditional handicraft technique which originates from India. It's an age-old practice of creating beautiful mosaics of bone, resin, and other materials that become pieces of furniture or art.

How  is  Bone  Inlay  Furniture  Made?

We create a custom design pattern with paper, and then traced onto a wood base. This forms the foundation on which the bones and the resin will follow the furniture.

What  is  Bone  Inlay?

paper templates for cutting bone pieces into bird shapes

Sustainably sourced camel bone pieces, black water buffalo, or mother of pearl are cleaned and sorted for their quality.

Sorting bone inlay pieces based on quality, colour, and more.


We cut the bone pieces into floral or geometric shapes. Sometimes they are coloured in striking colours according to the planned design pattern.


Laying floral bone shapes for the Peranakan Floor Mirror

The bone pieces are then carefully attached onto the wood base. A coloured resin is poured around the pieces to keep them in place

Curing pink resin around coloured bone petal pieces

The furniture piece is meticulously polished so that the bone pieces shine against it's contrasting resin base. Finishing touches are applied to ensure the piece is sturdy, smooth, and shines.

Polishing surfaces on the Nymeria Coffee Table to let the bone inlay shine 

The furniture is carefully packed, and shipped worldwide. We offer a duty-paid door-to-door delivery service.

How  long  does  it  take  to  make  Bone  Inlay  Furniture?

It depends on the size of the piece, and the complexity of its design. We'll usually need a minimum of 3 weeks, and up to several months for more complex pieces of furniture. Every piece of furniture is handmade from start to finish, and thus no two pieces are the same.

For a more accurate quote, please get in touch with us.


What  makes  our  bone  inlay  furniture  unique?


Our master craftsmen come from 7 generations of traditional craftsmanship, tracing back to armoury of Humayun of the Mughal Empire. We've helped to hone the skills of our Artisians in many materials and disciplines. By working with scarce materials and skill sets, we're able to challenge ourselves and create furniture that is truly one of a kind.

We draw our inspiration from different global influences and fuse them with traditional craft. From the Art Deco period in Europe to Peranakan culture in the Straits. Each piece is a unique marriage of culture and craftsmanship that's never seen before sell both custom and ready-to-ship furniture pieces. Each piece of furniture you order is an opportunity for us to create an iconic heirloom piece for your home together.

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