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Aqua Orb Plant Vase

Original price $68 - Original price $98
Original price
$68 - $98
Current price $68
Size: 14.5 L : 14.5 W : 13.6 H (CM)

Description :
Aqua Orb, a self-watering plant system that naturally purifies and enhances indoor air quality. The product concept was inspired by people's growing aspirations to conserve nature as well as to bring nature into their homes and offices, without necessarily having green fingers themselves. Aqua Orb comes with clay pallets for easy planting and maintenance. On top of the plant's natural ability to purify air, the microbes added to the clay pallets act as a natural air detoxifier to remove indoor air pollutants.

Delivery :
Usual delivery time 12 - 16 weeks globally; contact us for immediate stock availability in Singapore.

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